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Alena, 19
I wanted to try out nudism for a very long time. But since I was still in my teens , all I could do was hang around and sleep nude when my parents were not around. I kinda forgot about it until I got an Internet connection.
That's when I started browsing the nudism sites and decided to really go out and do it.
So, one day I actually went to one of the clothing optional beaches not far from where I live. First I had to go through a regular beach, where I used to go many times before. After a few minutes of walking I suddenly spoted a couple in their 40s with no clothes on, they were just coming out of the water. Then another couple was lying nude on the sand, sunbathing, and then I saw a beach full of people, most of them were completely naked, some women were only topless, some had their swimsuits on, men and women, they were all different ages, shapes and sizes.
I was so excited. I couldn't just wait to join them.
But then I thought, maybe those people have been here many times before, maybe they all know each other, how can I take all my clothes off and show up in front of them, what if they see me and laugh?
I decided to wait a little and look around. I picked a vacant area where there were both men and women. There were two couples a short distance from me, near the water. One couple was nude, the other man was nude and his companion was topless.
I removed my shirt and sat down on the towel, trying to gather up my courage. And after I saw that noone is staring at me I just felt so relaxed and quickly got out of my underwear without any more hesitation.
So, there I was, sitting completely naked among a hundred or more other people. I felt a wave of emotions wash over me, excitement for this new experience and absolute joy!
I was able to stand up completely nude in full view of everyone around me and started walking straight to the water. Swimming nude in the sea is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world.
It amazed me on the way back that I was already not embarrassed to look at nude people and I was no longer worried about being looked at. I realized that I was enjoying my first day as a nudist.